Susie wears many hats at O’Neal Lane Pet Hospital. She’s our Senior Veterinary Assistant, General Manager, and is “Dr. Mike’s Left-Hand Man.” She leads this team of exceptional individuals, and her leadership is the reason this team came up with the phrase, “dynamite comes in small packages.” Despite her size, she commands a huge presence within our clinic.


Jared is a Veterinary Assistant that began his training on the human side of Medicine as a Certified Surgical Technician. He helps keep things running smoothly as the Office Manager at O’Neal Lane Pet Hospital. He will gladly do his best to ensure that all of you and your pet’s needs are met while under our care.


Winn is our Bookkeeper at O’Neal Lane Pet Hospital and will gladly answer any billing questions you may have.


Meagan works at O’Neal Lane Pet Hospital as our Registered Veterinary Technician. She is also Dr. Mike’s Daughter-in-Law. Her and Jeffrey were married January 28th, 2017. She handles most of the training on our team due to her prior experience as a teacher.


Jeffrey is our Handy Man. He’s also a second-generation staff member at O’Neal Lane Pet Hospital – his parents are Dr. Mike and Dr. Diane.


Alyssa works at O’Neal Lane Pet Hospital as one of our Veterinary Assistants. She has worked as a grooming assistant at our clinic in the past, and you can also check out her painting of Dr. Mike’s pug, Baxter, in our waiting room.


Donna is one of our friendly vet assistants and kennel hands here at O'Neal Lane Pet Hospital. She is also focusing on becoming a veterinary technician in the future.


Emily is our professional groomer here at O’Neal Lane Pet Hospital to help your furry friends never have a bad hair day again!


Rachel is one of our newest Veterinary Assistants here at O'Neal Lane Pet Hospital. She is currently enrolled at BRCC training to become a Registered Veterinary Technician.


Diana is our newest kennel technician and is here to help keep your furry family happy while they stay with us. She is currently a senior in high school, plays soccer, and is bilingual (Spanish/English).


Taylor is our newest Veterinary Assistant at O'Neal Lane Pet Hospital. She also works at the emergency clinic in town, but is here when we need an extra hand caring for all of your pet’s medical needs.


Sarah is our newest receptionist here to help you with your visit to O'Neal Lane Pet Hospital. She has prior experience in Veterinary Medicine at a clinic she previously worked at in Arkansas. Her pleasant voice and friendly smile will make you feel right at home here. She has been a valuable addition to our team/family.


Nicole is our latest hire here at ONLPH. She is currently in training as a Veterinary Assistant and receptionist in our clinic. She chose to join our team due to the family feel in our clinic.