More and more pet owners have been reunited with their missing pets because they had their pet microchipped. Microchipping is a proven safeguard to help identify your pet if they are lost or stolen. Tags and collars can tear, break, be easily physically removed or otherwise fail. Sharing photos on social media sometimes works – and can also put your pet in danger of being claimed by strangers.

Microchipping is relatively painless, non-invasive, and inexpensive.

A tiny chip is inserted with a needle between the shoulder blades. The chip is encased in a non-toxic capsule; it is harmless and will feel like a normal injection, if your pet feels any discomfort at all. Once injected, we will register your pet with the microchipping company, all you have to do is update the company if any change to your personal information occurs.

If your pet is found, the registered chip has a unique number that can be read with a special scanner. All your pet’s rescuer has to do is bring them to a participating veterinarian or animal shelter.

Talk to your O’Neal Lane Pet Hospital veterinarian about microchipping your pet.